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Camera Cover
Camera Cover
Camera Cover
Camera Cover
Camera Cover

Camera Cover

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With technology becoming more advanced by the minute and how the internet slowly becomes a bigger portion of our lives, hackers are more dangerous now more than ever! Intruducing our camera cover!


How Does it Work?

-Feature: It is capable of sliding above and below the item's camera to ensure more privacy.


Size Matters

-Size: It is very small and very thin, meaning that it is easy to conceal and barely noticeable.


The Cover Up

-Purpose: It will conceal your identity by blocking the front camera until you want to use it again.



-Devices: It is compatible with devices such as 

iphone X 7 8 6 6S Plus 5 5S SE 5C ipad for I Pad, 

samsung galaxy s6 s7 edge s8 s9 plus note 5 7 8,  

Apple iPhones

Panasonic devices

Sony-Ericsson devices

Toshiba devices

HTC devices

Blackberry devices

LG devices

Nokia devices

Motorola devices

Samsung devices.


How to Apply it?

-Steps: First you have to clean you device, then you have to remove the adhesive from the back of the unit, align the hole on the cover over camera lens and press firmly (don't cover the mic or indicator light) and lastly slide the camera to close (or open) the front camera.